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Website Building


Website building consists of  graphical design, user experience, user friendliness and content hooks. Content hook provokes one to keep reading by scrolling or clicking on a link. For example, "Sign Up Now" will get more clicks than "Sign up" because of the keyword "now" which is an affirmative statement. (More info)


The psychology here is, growing up, we are used to obey affirmative words from our parents. So, subconsciously we will take action whenever these powerful words are used. Our content writers, here at Ganna Devane prepare the content where they will use these hooks and set the affirmative tones for your site.


This is just to begin with, not to mention our top class designers with advance skills in photo manipulation softwares, ui/ux aspects etc. So, these skills will decide the destiny of a website.


Below are examples of some of our work.


The pricing really depends on the number of pages, services and initial basic SEO package. Typically, the range is between $2299  - $6999 for a 6 page - 18 page sites. We don't recommend a full blown SEO for a brand new site, but the best place to start is, after 3 months into the production.

Our goal is to promote your website and capture as many leads a possible. If you are still thinking, feel free to leave us a comment here.