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Search Engine Optimization
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Business websites are nothing but your online salesperson. Showing up on search results is the #1 priority. And in our opinion, there are two ways to achieve this

  • PPC or Pay Per Click, and
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization

PPC can get really expensive and there are times where people spend over $30 for a single click depending upon the type of business and the keyword they chose. This is the easiest but costly option to come up on first page as an ad.

On the other hand, a not so expensive alternatives such as SEO exists. Search engines like google ranks a website based on over 200+ factors such as

  • Age of the domain
  • Quality of content
  • Website loading speed
  • Website security (SSL/HTTPS)
  • A well defined structure (SILO)
  • Reviews for business
  • Social media presence
  • Name, Address & Person consistency (NAP)
  • Site bounce ratio
  • Mobile Friendliness  More info
  • Schema / JSON-LD

The list is almost endless.... read more


Complexity of Search Engine Optimization

When an SEO expert evaluates a website, he/she will have some immediate recommendations on whats missing and where to improve the site. We helped over 40 clients in Bridgeport, CT alone with their websites. We follow the standard guidelines and our experience in evaluating the site and the result speaks for itself.

Why pay thousands of dollars every month for for PPC when you can organically rank high.


Call us at 203-502-9051 for a free consultation or have your site evaluated here by our specialist. 

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