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Search Engine Optimization

What do we offer

  • Custom written content
  • Upto 200 images uploads to the website
  • Minor content changes
  • Adding Schema / JSON-LD
  • Title and meta tag optimzsation
  • Image optimization
  • Keyword and trend suggestions

What can you expect

Our aim is to keep that phone ringing. We will continue to optimize the site at a regular frequency which depends upon the package you sign up with.


We also observed, over-optimization is a big NO-NO but there is a sweet point and we know exactly how to get there. Communication plays big part and please be ready to answer our calls, that will only expedite the process of your site being ready.


Over time, the result will pan out. But with our level of expertise, the results are a lot quicker.

SEO - The New Buzz Word

Business man offering SEO servicesBefore we go into details and put a structure to it, its better to know what is SEO and why is it so important for businesses. In this day and age, every one has a smart phone, internet, wifi and mobile data, etc. Google has definitely dominated the search area and depending on what page your business comes up when someone searches, decides how long you will stay in business.

Having a good looking website is not the priority anymore, well of course it helps but having the website done by an SEO expert is what the priority is. We, at Ganna Devane keep up with the changes and events that search engines announce and implement in the website accordingly. Everyday, we are slipping more deeper into a web weaved by search engines and its only getting harder to keep up.

For more information, there is a great article here

Best SEO Company

GannaDevane & Associate, located in bridgeport,  is proud to annonuce that we are in top 10 of best SEO companies in CT. In a conglomerate, we are a marketing firm that specialize in SEO, fixing server issues and designing WordPress sites.


In 2017, we have achieved a remarkable feat in a very short span of time.
Triggered google to crawl one on our client's website in an unprecedented level.


Services Offered In Bridgeport, CT

google crawl sky rocketed after SEO


Small Business

$399 per Month
  • Bi-Weekly Analysis
  • Upto 8 pages of structured data
  • Image tagging
  • Services Keyword trend
  • 1 Article per month

Large Business

$649 per Month
  • Small Business +
  • Upto 8 additional pages
  • Local Search keyword phrases
  • 1 Competitive analysis
  • 1 Additional Article


$699 per Month
  • Large Business +
  • Upto 16 additional pages
  • Local Search keyword phrases
  • 3 Competitive analysis
  • 1 Additional Article