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Responsive Web Desgin

What is it?

Responsive web design is the phrase coined to define those websites that fits any screen size. Bootstrap is the most common framework used to design websites and furthermore it is loaded from a CDN making the site faster. Search engines like Google prefer mobile-friendly sites rather than rigid non-mobile friendly sites. At GannaDevane, we design all of our sites as responsive because its a major ranking factor


Not to be confused with responsive design,  mobile-optimization is the process of keeping the page load times are at optimal rate. For example, on a desktop, our sites use high resolution images and on mobile, low resolution (which looks the same). As a result, the page load time is decreased. We have a keen eye to keep the download speed under five seconds. Online users' expectations are growing day-by-day and if your site is not fast, the user is navigating away very quickly.

Testing Tools

Sites like gtmetrix and google has made it very easy for a normal user to check his/her website speed. These tools are absolutely incredible in determining the quality of a site and give you insights on how to improve.

devices with break points

Grid system for responsiveness

Devices such as smart phones, tables, computers, and desktops are available in market at different sizes and majority of them fall under the category as depicted in the picture above. 

So, it has become a standard to design the sites under those grids. The sites adjusts itself for those screen sizes and the user is pretty comfortable navigating the website. Our goal is to keep the user focused and stay on the website converting that user into a lead.