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12 Important Factors to Increase Page Traffic

Factors to increase page traffic

Page traffic factors


Not ranking high in Google? Low web traffic?

Search engines are growing very complex in determining the rank of a particular page for a particular keyword. In this article, I’m going to discuss that no other normal SEO company does, Yes! We are abnormal.

So, in my opinion the following are important factors to consider if you want high page traffic.

  1. Domain Age
  2. Quality content
  3. Fresh Content
  4. Website loading speed
  5. Website security (SSL/HTTPS)
  6. A well defined structure (SILO)
  7. Reviews
  8. Social Media
  9. Name, Address & Phone consistency (NAP)
  10. Site bounce ratio
  11. Mobile Friendliness
  12. Schema / JSON-LD


Lets Discuss one by one

The older the domain, the better it is. Just think how many places around do you remember? How long were they in business? Same concept here. This is the most important factor search engines look to determine the importance of the domain. New domains tend not to do well but a shortcut exist here. Purchase the domain for next 10 years which signals search engines that you intend to be in business for the next 10 years.

Older domains not only dominate in search results, but also in maps. Try this! Search a local business by service (eg: “Roofing company”), go to maps and keep zoom out, notice the one business that stands out. Use tools like who is and I bet the domain is lot older that you thought it is.


Content is the king! Let me rephrase, Good content is the king, bad content is the slave!

Just don’t write content for the sake of writing something. Be as much informative as possible and eliminate any grammatical errors. Avoid passive tones and get straight to the point. Online users are content consumers, so the more content your site has, the better it is. Use as many visuals as possible to keep the user interested and engaging.

You may have heard SEO experts saying don’t embed the text in images but I think it is a bit misleading. Users actually like visuals, headings, block letters and colored graphics so if you want to add text in an image, happily do so. But don’t forget to add the alt tags and repeat the embedded text as some sort of heading. The point I’m trying to make here is, keep both user and search engines happy.

Short-cut : Use wordpress and Yoast plugin and simply follow the recommendations.


I always like to compare this to a restaurant business. Now, imagine going to a restaurant that has different specials almost every day. Got my point? So, feed new QUALITY content frequently to the website. Fresh content is not necessarily adding more words but also redesigning the website, moving things around etc. I mean honestly, look how may times YouTube has redesigned the layout in web and mobile apps.


This is where it gets little technical. I’ve written an article about it here. Faster websites win. Don’t upload too many images or add crazy animations unless you are trying to show-off… thats a different topic we can discuss it later. I love fast loading sites and since then I’ve been developing sites on NodeJS with NGINX as web server. You can deliver insanely faster websites with very low computing resource. Walmart actually served 200,000 users on a black Friday using NodeJS and their server cpu’s utilization never went over 1%.  Insane! I know.

Lets not get off on a tangent here..

Big corporates like Google, Facebook & Walmart conducted experiments to see how users reach when the page loads slow. They tested it with increments of 100’s of milliseconds. The results were astonishing! The rate at which users dropped from their website is in exponents. And to make things worse, the users dropped even faster as the delay continued. (speed matters – Experiment by google)


My clients always ask me “My website is not an e-commerce. Why do I need SSL?” . The answer I give them is,  “because it adds a cute little green lock next to the url ! “. The look on their faces.. PRICELESS !

Google now considers a secure site rather than non-secure. Will that reason do? Still not convinced? Ok let me go into little more detail. We love security, we want security and thats why banks, insurance companies, bonds etc exist today. A non secure website  gets compromised in lot of ways. Think about the trail!


Lets say I’m am the man in middle, conducting an attack from a coffee shop and silently monitoring the nearby wifi traffic. Some one goes to your website and want to contact you via a contact us form. These forms have fields like name, email, phone, address etc. As a man in middle, I can see all those details in plain text. Now, I can do a search by email on google to know your social profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. Through Facebook, I got their maiden name, the car they drive and the town they live in. I will stay at the coffee shop to see what credit /debit card they are using and now I know who is their financial provider.

I will now go to that bank’s website, click “Forgot my password” and fill in all the other details banks. (Some institutions will ask for details like, Maiden name, car you drove, date of birth in case the user forgets the password.). 


Bingo! I’m in their bank account.

So, consider adding HTTPS/SSL on your website to promote safety and search engines will reward you with more page traffic. Wiki has a nice explanation here on what exactly is an SSL


To explain this, I’m using an analogy of a book. A book normally has,

  • Foreword
  • Table of content
  • Keywords with page nubmers
  • Headings and chapter numbers
  • Sub chapter in a main chapter, etc

This book is now easily readable and easily memorable as well. Think the same while designing a website. If you want high page traffic, this is a must and should thing to do. SILO is best explained visually, take a look

silo structure for high page traffic

Tip : Choose different key words for different pages.


Online reviews especially from google are huge. They are also a ranking factor. The best way to acquire reviews is to provide top quality service. Getting good reviews is tough but getting bad reviews is very easy. This topic is relevant to local businesses. Increase your page traffic with all these tips and you are golden!


Personal Ad Alert!!

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Social media is playing a big part in connecting people and keeping them informed. So, why not create a business page or a blog page and share it with your friends etc. They probably will share it with their friends. Before you know, your post is seen by thousands of people in a matter of hours. This the the power of social media and when you link it to a webpage, guess what! More page traffic!

Profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook and google+ are equipped with analytics that will help you understand how you are doing on social media.


This topic is also a relevant one for local businesses. Matter of fact, a very important one! Just search you business name and see how may profiles you are listed under. Double check the name, address and phone numbers on those pages. If any of these are not correct then reach out to them and provide accurate info. Some online directories like WhitePages, SuperPages, YellowPages, Yelp automatically scan, scrape and index your website in their directory listing without notifying you. So a regular online check is necessary.

Consistency is important! But why?

Lets say, some one calls you Mike, some one else calls you John, another calls you Steve. Now, I don’t know what should I call you! I’m confused.  So I will start calling you “Mikoneve!”.  Search engines do exactly the same and don’t let them give you a special name and your website will start ranking in AFRICA!


This is another headache!

Google ranks websites on this and its a HUGE factor. The user will stay engaged as long as the content on the site is interesting and useful. This is the work of a good content writer and good SEO companies (I said Good.. Not All..) usually employ people with those skills. So, get creative and start scribbling.



These are the some questions I came across in my professional field.

  • What if the user’s internet is down while reading my page?
  • I wrote a great article on “Pixbul intro faxing dham” but there is no page traffic.
  • Can I ask my friends to stay on my website everyday for more than an hour? (SMH..)
  • Can’t I just copy and paste the content from the websites I like?
  • I’m doing PPC (pay per click), I don’t need this ( then stop reading ! but hey ! can you explain, how you landed on this page?)
  • How about I buy lot of domains and create websites on all those for my one business?


Are you still reading this article.? Awesome.

I’ve written another article especially describing this topic. Take a look.. I mean read it here !


This needs to be done by an SEO expert. Getting this wrong can do wonders for your website such as getting de-indexed or sandboxed etc. I mean how great is it to say proudly that you are on 73th page on google. Oh well!, all jokes aside, let me get into it

Schema / JSON-LD adds a structure to your website. They are like these beacons that search engines pickup while crawling your site. Don’t do it if you don’t know how it works. SEO newbies will do this without having the knowing of danger it lurks. Consider these schemas only for now if you want to do it yourself and don’t abuse it!

  • Local Business
  • Recipe
  • Carousal
  • Breadcrumbs

Google explains on how this should be done. Read it, here and test it here.


phew! Conclusion time….

This article is intended for bloggers and start up business owners. This is an attempt to provide some quality information on how to acquire good amount of page traffic. High page traffic means more leads for business owners and page monetization opportunities for bloggers.


Finally, design the page for the user not for the search engine.